Fix Missing Windows 10 Upgrade Icon in Windows 7 or 8 Original Version or Pirated Version (yes, It Works for Both)

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Ok, this is a very simple fix, without registry manipulation and running some bogus vbs, cmd or bat, just plain old update pack from updates mirror for windows.

1. You need to to download the following Windows Update Standalone Installer from this instructable or from the original site from following link:

2. Run it, at the end it will ask for a reboot (restart if you are allergic to linux terms xD )

3. Now you got the icon see the image, click it.

4. Once in the Get Windows 10 app, click “Reserve your free upgrade” in the app window.

5. Enter your email if you want confirmation of this reservation. (this is can be skipped).

6. Microsoft will inform you on email and the app will start downloading when it is ready for download, you can wait from some days to some weeks until they will deliver it.

7. More info at

HOT UPDATE (04.08.2015)

• If you, like me, cant wait to have Windows 10 in your hands, you can have it right now. You just need to fresh install Windows 8 on your your PC, be sure to be connected to internet, and after you have installed there will be a offer to upgrade to Windows 10, guess what, Windows Update will download it and upgrade it to Windows 10 right on the spot, no waiting required.

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    Bruce Morton

    3 years ago

    I am afraid that you are unable to activate your Windows 10 Enterprise Product Key without a product key. You can just order one from the online site cooperated with Microsoft. All the product keys are legitimate and official. Then just activate your Windows 10 Enterprise Product Key with the purchased product key. The activation process is simple and easy to operate.


    3 years ago

    Friends now you can upgrade to win 10 for free if your system is win 7 or win 8. If guys who have neither win 7 nor win 8 you can also upgrade to win 10 by visiting: . There you can get genuine win 10 product key to activate windows 10 in a cheap price.


    4 years ago

    lol, the upgrade works even without a emai, anyway if its not from microsoft's domain for sure is a scam, still hope you dont think that the procedure described here is related or a scam :(