Fix Slipping Adjustment Pin on Kelty Child Carrier



Kelty Child Carrier has a design flaw that makes carrying it any extended period a nuisance: the torso height adjustment pin keeps slipping out of its hole. (See customer complaints on The entire weight of the pack drops on your shoulders. You can't get the pin back in the correct hole without taking the backpack off. Doing this every hundred yards can ruin the of best hikes.

Kelty is aware of the flaw. If you call them they will send you a new pack. Unfortunately a new pack doesn't help because they all have the same issue. I tried three different packs that all had a slipping pin. This instructable shows how to fix the slipping pin yourself.

- Foam mattress (yoga mat, gym pad)
- Super glue
- Coin (1 U.S. cent)

Step 1: Why the Pin Slips

The purpose of the adjustable waist belt is to put most of the weight on your hips rather than on shoulders. The belt and the attached back panel slide along a rail that has multiple adjustment holes. The problem is that the adjustment pin keeps slipping out of the holes in the rail. The pin is hard metal while the rail is soft metal. Every time the pin slips it eats away the hole edge, making slipping even easier next time. The pin end is also round so slipping happens often.

Step 2: Fixing

The fix is to stuff the hole in the lumbar pad where pin goes. Stuff it with the flexible foam mattress to put tension on the pin and top off with a coin so the pin doesn't dig into the mat.

1. Cut a few small round pieces and one larger piece from the yoga mat.
2. Push the small pieces into the hole into the lumbar pad.
3. Push the bigger piece in last so it overlaps the plastic ring from the underside. 
4. Put a few drops of superglue on the exposed mat.
5. Press a coin into the glue. A penny is about the right size.
7. Let the glue settle.

Hope this fix works for you. Pin slippages stopped for me. Happy walking!



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