Fix the Broken Stitching on Cowboy Boots




Introduction: Fix the Broken Stitching on Cowboy Boots

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So my lacing on my cowboy boots sole broke. This caused a big gap in my sole and the shoe started falling apart. Sole repair would be the same price as the boots. Plus the soles still had some life to them.
The solution was to saddle stitch the sole back with some wax thread. While this is not the professional way to do it, they have lasted for a while. I would only recommend this as a last resort to save your boots.
Hope it's helpful and hope you enjoy.

Step 1: Clean Up Your Boots.

It's important to make sure your working with a clean boot. Water should do most of the cleaning. Some suggest a little bit of rubbing alcohol will help clean really dirty surfaces. Make sure everything is clean before you start.

Step 2: Remove Broken Stitching.

I did this with a leather punch chisel, and a leather sewing needle. The better you clean everything up, the easier it is to complete the project. I also made sure to clean the holes out real well, as it made stitching much easier.

Step 3: Open Up Holes for New Stitching.

Be sure all holes are open otherwise the stitching will be difficult if not impossible. I also wiped everything down with a block of beeswax. This helps everything go smoothly.

Step 4: Stitch New Wax Thread Into Old Holes.

Make sure you you have leather sewing needles, with a dull tip. If you don't know what a saddle stick there are a lot of great articles on how to do that. Saddle stitch the broken area with your thread of choice.

Step 5: Tie Off Threads and Burn Extra Off.

After you finish stitching, tie the ends into a knot. Burns the ends, although try not to burn the leather.
Congrats your boots will last a little longer!

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