Fix the External Hard Disk Acces Denied [SOLVED]

Introduction: Fix the External Hard Disk Acces Denied [SOLVED]

are you've encountered a problem with an external hard disk that can not read?

for example in first image that said to format disk. this warning appear when your hard disk connected in your computer. if you selected cancel in this warning and go to microsoft explorer to selected your hard disk, you get the warning too with access denied message.

my external hard disk can't read when i try to in other PC with Win 7 OS but in my PC Win XP SP3 this can read.

because this problem i try to find how to solve it in internet, but is not working. i have tried with Command prompt method, propertis method and etc.. and still not work. this problem still not solve until 3 years, but finally i find how to solve it when i try to uninstall deepfreeze.

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Step 1: Open Command Prompt With Run As Administartor

1. click (left) start

2. write "CMD"

3. if you find Command prompt icon click (right) and select run as administrator

4. write in command prompt "net user administrator /active:yes" ( this command to display administrator user )

( warning : you must write " / ". if not "active:yes" become password in administrator user)

5. click (left) start => switch user (shut down panel)

6. select administrator ( default have no password)

7. connect your disk in PC , in this step you can already read your hard disk.

8. if you want to always read you can combine with properties method when in administrator user.

9. if you want to hide administrator user, you can write "net user administrator /active:no" in command prompt

10. thank you for watching, I am sorry if my english language is bad.

-------------------------greetings from indonesia.-----------------------

Step 2: Video Tutorial

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    3 years ago

    I have a WD mybook 2tb desktop external hard drive that isn't seen by my laptop when connected. I've tried for 3+ years to access it but no luck yet. I do you think your method will work on my WD hdd? I have irreplaceable pix ect that i don't want to lose.


    Reply 3 years ago

    did you get same caution with me? if same with me. may it work!


    Reply 3 years ago

    i am sorry late because i doing final exam this year!

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