Fix Your Woodworking Clamps

Introduction: Fix Your Woodworking Clamps

pads on clamps get worn out and eventually fray out wards and they drop off I made some swivelling clamp pads to fix on to the ball joint plus this also spreads out the pressure and does not mark the wood when tightening the clamp and the pad still moves around on the ball joint.

This is handy if your picked up some cheap c clamps that was broken with a quick fix you can save a bit of money!

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    I have made new metal pads for C clamps. I cut a notch into a washer, slide it over the ball, then weld it to the pad.

    Great idea. I've saved a few clamps by making wooden pads. But I glued them on. Your idea to use the nail to capture the pad and let it swivel is much better. I would suggest that you use plywood for the pads, rather than a solid piece. I have found that the solid pieces split fairly easily. Plywood doesn't. Thanks for posting.

    amazing coincidence, one of the pads on my old but regularly used clamps fell off at the weekend.

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    And that it decided to make an instructable now with the video made about month or so ago !

    Just annoying but fixing it can save you having you to place some scrap I between the clamp everything you use them.

    job for the weekend - great excuse to avoid Xmas shopping!