Fixing Electric Hair Clipper


Before Christmas day my electric hair cutter is broken. The power supply has fall down and did not worked anymore, the little red led was absolutely not blinking. So the cable is useless. But for sure I did not want to go next day to the barber cause had lots of other things to do. You know it's Christmas time.

It was easier to get a screwdriver and fix the machine.

Step 1: Preparation of Cable

When you screws the cover of hair clipper you can see that the heart of the machine is a little gear motor.
This little gear motor functions from 4-5V. And where can you get 4-5V constantly? From USB cable.

Solution: get an old any telephone USB cable, cut the useless mobile socket, bind the thin cables to the socket that's going to the cutter. The red /VCC/ of USB cable and black /GND/ of USB cable holds the power and use electrical tape. See picture for details!

10 minutes tech maintenance and tomorrow not going to barber. Smile!

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