Fixing Gateway MX Series Laptop... With a Paperclip




Introduction: Fixing Gateway MX Series Laptop... With a Paperclip

This instructable covers how to fix a broken MX series' barrel plug adapter.  In the older Gateway laptops it is common for the center rod of the adapter to come out of the charging port. I show you how to fix it with a paper clip and some solder.

I assume no risk of you damaging your computer! Do this at your own discretion if you feel comfortable.

Things you will need:

-Phillips screwdriver
-Soldering gun and solder
-non-insulated paper clip
-appropriate size drill bit (this may vary)
-fingernail clippers (for clipping paper clip off as close as possible to the port)

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Step 1: Disassembly

The first step is to nearly completely disassemble the laptop. There is documentation online ( ) but basically unscrew the screws in the back, pop up the power button and media bar strip, unscrew the hidden screws underneath and take out the keyboard.Then, detach the screen from the base of the laptop. Next , there should be a metal plate(at least there is with the MX7118). Unscrew that and gently pull it off the tape underneath. You should be able to remove the top half of the base now, revealing the motherboard. Unscrew several more screws in the top right of the base and you should now be able to see the broken port.

I assume no risk of you damaging your computer! Do this at your own discretion if you feel comfortable.

Step 2: Drill Through the Broken Port

Choose a small bit that is about the circumference of the rod that you're missing. With that bit, drill a hole through the barrel plug where the rod is supposed to be. Be careful not to go too far. You just want a hole big enough for a paper clip to go through.

Step 3: Insert and Solder the Paperclip

Coat the end of the paperclip with solder just to make sure it is conductive and what not. Insert the paperclip into the newly drilled hole. You want the paperclip to go about a centimeter or two into the charging port. Once you have the paperclip in the right position, solder it to the middle contact. Use the fingernail clippers to clip off the excess. See pictures for more description.

Step 4: Re-assemble

Put everything back together. In my case, the center rod broke off in the charger. I was not able to fix this so I ordered a new one.

Going backwards through the instructable may help with re-assembly.

That should be it!

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    heh, it seems gateway has gone backwards as far as construction goes, my t-16 has only one fan and is always hitting 75 degrees just from browsing the internet. not to mention my multimedia bar is falling off.

    i should have thought of this when i had my old aspire, the center pin was broken and i ended up trashing another perfectly(ish) working laptop to fix it.