Getting My Generator Ready for Hurricane Season

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Preparing for hurricane season

Step 1: Trying to Start My Generator

With hurricane season approaching down here in southern U.S. (Louisiana), I wanted to make sure my generator was in working order. After attempting to start but failing, I realized l had old gas in the tank.

Step 2: Finding the Cause

Making sure bad gas was the issue I remove the air breather to access the carburetor. I then sprayed starting fluid into the carb. the generator would run until the starter fluid burned out. So I unscrewed the drain screw on the carb and drained the tank.

Step 3: Cleaning the Carburetor

After adding fresh gas I notice gas drains from carb. overflow. This told me I had a problem with the carburetor float. I closed off the gas tank on/off lever and sprayed carburetor cleaner into the bowl, let it sit awhile then drain. After repeating a couple time I had the float working and stoping the overflow.

Step 4: Finishing the Job

Before replacing the air breather and cover clean the filter according to your owners mnual.

Step 5: The Carburetor Drain Plug

tithe drain plug on the carburetor is located to the side or bottom of the carburetor, from the smell (lack of gas smell ) and color of gas I could tell the fuel was bad.



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