Fixing - Movie Recording Has Been Stopped Automatically


Introduction: Fixing - Movie Recording Has Been Stopped Automatically

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Fixing - Movie recording has been stopped automatically

This video shows 2 different ways to fix the "Movie recording has been stopped automatically" on Canon 600D. This is one of the World's shortest video in fixing this issue.

Cause: A slow (wrong class or incompatible) SD card might make the system not keep up, and abort a movie recording.


  1. Purchase an Extreme SD card
  2. Lower down recoding size.



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    Wait, so If I have a Class 10 sd Card does that mean that I cannot use it? I thought that Class10 was supposed to be the fastest... But I bought 3 different brand Class Ten's and NONE of them work. But, funny enough, with 1080p recording, my old 8GB SD card works perfectly. Help!!