Repairing the Earphones

Introduction: Repairing the Earphones

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I only used white plastic tape and hot shrink tubing in fixing my earphones.

Step 1: Materials

What you will need:

Plastic tape

Hot shrink tubing


Hair dryer

Step 2: Using the White Plastic Tape

With the white plastic tape, wrap your earphones in the specific points that you need to repair.

Step 3: Using the Hot Shrink Tubing

Cutting two piece of hot shrink tubing, put them on the specific place of your earphones that you need to repair. Once placed the pieces of hot shrink tube on the earphones, you will need to slide them to the exact point that you want to fix. Next, use a hair dryer to complete your work.

Step 4: Completing the Project

This way, you can fix your earphones when you have that need.

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