Fixing With Sugru

Introduction: Fixing With Sugru

The the rear seat pull latches on Peter`s awesome Toyota VanWagon had broken off many Yeats ago. They have been fixed several times with epoxy putty but it never held for long as epoxy does not stick to plastic.
Here`s how he fixed it with sugru.

Step 1: Remove and Prepare

First unscrew the button and remove from seat.
Clean off all remaining epoxy.

Step 2: New Button Top

Take half of the Sugru and make a ball. Now push the button into the Sugru ball and shape it to something like a button top.

Step 3: Replace

Wait about 30 minutes until the Sugru has firmed up. Then screw the repaired button back on.
Peter remarked that the rubbery sugar seemed much safer than either the original button or the pdevious hard epoxy replacements.
Just look how the DIYode member-use truck is all envious!

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