Fixing a Broken Thermostat on a Heater With Cayenne and a Raspberry Pi

I have a cold laundry room and a heater with a broken thermostat. So I decided to do something about it....

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Step 1: Connect a MCP3008 and TMP36 to Your Breadboard

I followed an easy tutorial on Caynne to wirMCP3008 allows you to read analog input on your Raspberry pi and the TMP36 is the thermometer that is connected to the converter chip.

Step 2: Connect the Breadboard and Relay to Your Raspberry Pi

This is how I connected the raspberry pi together with the relay and components on the breadboard.

Step 3: Make the Logic in Cayenne

Simple If - Then logic is used. Only add at what temperature you want to turn on the heater with and at what you want it to turn off again. As simple as it can get.

Step 4: Monitor

Monitor your dashboard and current temperature from anywhere in the world.

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    2 years ago


    Can you put a schema of the wirering including the heater.