Fixing a Garage Remote Control




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I crushed my control unintentionally so this is how i fix it.

Step 1: Repare Damage on Electronic Part

I detect two damaged parts:

-One of the connections of the battery had broken.

-One of the pci components was separated from the board, so it did not made contact.

To fix the problems I used a guitar string. 1st giving it the shape of a spring and soldering it to the pci board and then useing it like a bridge bettwen the board and the other componenet.

Step 2: Desing the New Case

As the casing was destroyed I thought about designing and 3D printing one myself.

I made an ergonomic design with some snaps so no screws are necessary for fitting it all, to finish i add some slots for easy dismount so i can change the battery easily.


To finish the garage remote control y just mount all parts and test it was working properly.



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    ETXANIZDIY Hacks and How Tos

    Reply 10 months ago

    You should get one jeje they are very useful, and nowadays these are very good and cheap options. I will upload more 3D printed fixes soon =)