Fixing a Leaky Bathroom Base.

This bathroom has leaks along where it's base meets the walls. I guess doe to some really heavy feet the base shifted over the years.

During showers the kitchen right below the shower would keep wet. Time to fix this crap.

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Step 1: Tile Grout.

Some workers previously used silcone adhesive once then caulk when that failed. These guys used the quick fix and the wrong materials. Grout is the better means to seal those Cracks once allowed to set properly.

Step 2: Wetting the Area.

The Grout needs a wet surface to work. Dry surfaces are OK if water proofing is not necessary. These cracks run deep so I wanted to be sure the Grout could be pushed into them.

Step 3: Mixing the Grout.

I mixed this batch of Grout a bit on the soft side. I wanted pliability.

Step 4: Application.

Using a butter knife (please don't laugh) I applied the Grout paste into the Cracks. No showers were allowed for the next 48 hours and the leaks were sealed.

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