Fixing an Antique Frame by Copying a Part From Another Area of the Frame

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This Instructable grapples with the idea of making a new part for an antique frame. The concept is to take a part of the frame that looks good and duplicate that for another area of the frame that has broken. Using the re-usable molding putty, these pieces can be duplicated right from the frame.

Step 1: Make the Mold by Pressing on the Putty

Start by heating the molding putty in the microwave. After heating, press it over the good part of the frame. Let it cool to solidify.

Step 2: Pull the Mold Away From the Frame

When cooled pull it away from the frame and make the duplicate. If pressed down well and allowed to cool, the mold will typically pick up very fine details. If not, warm it up again, and re-press.


Step 3: Pour in Your Casting Material: We Used a 1:1 Epoxy

When cooled pull it away from the frame and make the duplicate. We used epoxy resin because it has good flexibilty and is strong and can be colored to match.

This resin mixes 1:1 by volume or weight. So we mixed it together and poured it into the mold. After it's cured, pull it out, paint it, and glue it into place.

Step 4: Admire Your Awesomeness

Make any touchup with paints and hang the frame back on the wall. Great job.



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