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Introduction: Fixing Disconnected Headphones

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I was on my 5th pair of headphones with almost $200 in the hole. It seemed that every pair I got, the left headphone stopped working first. I finally thought to try something as simple as this.

The easy and only part:
You need your broken headphones, duct tape, and something to plug your headphones in to listen to.
1. Take your duct tape and rip 2 inches. Rip in half and put aside.
2. Take your headphones, plug them into your ipod, phone, or computer (whatever you're using).
3. Put both headphones in.
4. Now find where the disconnection of the wires are at, by the headphone jack, or by the headphones/earbuds.
5. Now wiggle the spot until it  makes sound come through again. Do it until you get a continuous stream of sound.
6. Take your duct tape and wrap it around the spot.
7. Voila! Now your headphones are back to normal again!!
8. F.Y.I. this will last long enough for you to buy another pair of headphones, not a long-lasting fix.

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    3 years ago

    this is the most useful thing i've seen on this website! i either loose my headphones or they go all crazy like this. thank you so much!!