Repair a Broken Key Attachment on a Remote Entry Keyfob




I recently bought a used car that came with a remote entry keyfob.  Sadly, the attachment for the keyring was poorly designed, and broke off.  So, the previous owner attached the keys with a rig made of fiber tape...not very reliable.  I thought I could just buy another remote entry on Ebay, but the price for one in good shape was over $35 and the ones for $15 dollars were broken the exact same way as mine is.  So..I decided to fix it

Step 1: Open the Keyfob

Pretty simple...just put a blade screwdriver into the slot on the side and open the keyfob...hmm...wonder what's inside...

Step 2: Find a Replace for the Key Attachment

I visited my local Big boxstore hardware store, not really knowing what I was looking for.  I browsed the selection of hardware and found some hose clamps that looked like they might work..

Step 3: Test the Position

This step you do by look and feel.  You can see that this will work, but you can also see that you can intrude on the other side of the case, as it is weather proofed with a seal.  We'll worry about that in a bit..

Step 4: Mark the Place to Hog Out Material

Now we have to remove some of the plastic to give the new key attachment a place to live.  Mark the edges of the clamps with an Xacto knife.

Step 5: Use Your Dremel Tool

Now the fun part.  Using your Dremel tool (you DO have a Dremel too, don't you?) and a cutting attachment, remove the plastic and then trim the melted plastic that results.  Clean the area and fit the clamp.  Now, see where the clamp overhangs the top of the weather proof seal area?  Score that with your Xacto knife so you can cut it off.

Step 6: Cut the Clamp (now Key Attachment)

Again, using your Dremel tool, this time with a hard cutting wheel, cut the extra "legs" off the clamp.  Of course, secure the clamp in your vise for this proceedure.

Step 7: Fit the New Key Attachment

Now, just test fit your new key attachment.  Make sure it doesn't interfere with the weather seal.  

Step 8: Glue It Up

Now, mix up some 5 minute epoxy.  Equal amounts of the Epoxy resin and the hardener.  I use an old cereal box and a Popsicle stick to combine them.  Mix them well and coat the key attachment legs.  Position the key attachment onto the keyfob and layer more epoxy. Be careful not to get any in the weather seal channel.  Wait for this to set completely. Don't reassemble it too soon, or you may never be able to separate it again!

Step 9: Reassemble

I waited over an hour for the Epoxy to cure before reassembling.  You could wait overnight.

Step 10: Enjoy

Ok, this is much better than a fiber tape attachment for the keyring!



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7 Discussions


3 years ago

Great idea from a retired engineer.


7 years ago on Introduction

nicely done....i install vehicle remote starters and security for a living...done this and also have found grinding the plastic smooth and drill through the casing (where no electronics live) in a corner and adding a ring works too


7 years ago on Introduction

Kudos. I was going to try some kind of double-stick security plate attachment for mine, but I'm going with your idea...much cleaner and probably more secure.....


7 years ago on Introduction

Simple, fairly clean, inexpensive, and very functional. I don't have any issues with my keyfob at the moment, but I'm definitely filing your idea into my mental toolbox.
Thanks for taking the time to share.


7 years ago on Introduction

I was looking for an efficient way to repair my remote. Great idea--thanks!