Fixing Under-the-sink Trash Can

We have a under-the-sink trash can in our new kitchen for years. When the door is open, the trash can is pulled out by a hinge, and its lid is open. A couple of weeks ago, the plastic hinge was broken. We called the supplier and was informed that the part was not longer available.

I tried to glue the broken hinge back with super glue or steel cement, but it just fell apart again under the stress of the tightening of thescrews or pulling of the can. Now what? Should we get a new can?

This is the trash can with the broken hinge. The glue residues are still visible.

Step 1: These Are All I Need

This morning it hit me that there was a simple solution. So simple that I wondered why I had not thought of it earlier. I immediately got to work, and had it fixed in minutes.

All I need is a small item lying around in my tool box - a screw hook!
A small drill is helpful.

Step 2: Marking the Position for the Screw Hook

The intended position of the screw hook on the door was marked by aligning it to the bottom with the hook turned 'sideway'.

Step 3: Screw in the Hook

Screw the hook into the marked site. A small hole may be drilled first if the wood is hard. Screw the hook almost all the way in. Leave a little leeway for rotation.

Step 4: Connect the Hook With the Trash Can

Reach under the can and turn the hook upward to catch the bottom of the can.

Dah-Dah. That is it! Now you can put the broken hinge into the trash can. Save the screws.

You have given your loyal trash can a better, stronger, smarter, and replaceable hinge it deserves.



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