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Make your own papercraft action football game with your 2D printer! It's a bit like a reboot of 'Electric Football' (only cheaper, more exciting and well, papery).

Just like a real pro coach you've got to plan and execute brilliant plays to beat your opponent. Unlike pro football you don't need millions of dollars to have your own team - just a few Fizzbits and a stack of card.

Step 1: You Will Need

For a complete playable Fizzbit Football game you will need:

Print outs of the player PDFs for all of the players, the pitch and the ball, printed onto white card of approximately 250 to 300 gsm. Make sure to print at 100% (no scaling).

Scissors, or a craft knife and cutting mat.

Glue (UHU works best, though PVA also works but takes longer to dry, or double sided tape is quick and clean but a bit fiddly)

10 self-adhesive pads (though double sided tape or glue should also work).

4 Fizzbit Modules (choose up front which two players from each team you want to put them in)

If you don't want the full set just print out the players you like the look of.

Step 2: Cut a Player Out and Fold

First off cut around the outline of one of the players with scissors or a knife and cutting matt. Fold along all of the dotted lines.

Step 3: Apply Glue and Finish Body

Carefully spread some glue (or double sided tape) onto the tabs and stick the player's body together. Start with the long tab at the side and then do the ones around the top of his head.

Step 4: Stick on the Arms and (add the Fizzbit)

Fold and then stick the arms onto each side of the player.

If this is one of the two players that on each team that you want to move you need to fit a Fizzbit. Put him down on his head and stick a self-adhesive pad in the hole at the back (onto the inside of the top of the head). Push the Fizzbit into the hole as far as it will go and push down on the motor to stick it to the pad.

Step 5: Make the Helmet

Cut out and make the helmet in the same way as the player. (The area inside the mask is much easier to cut out with a craft knife and cutting matt than scissors, but I've left eyes on the inside area so it should still look OK if you don't bother cutting that part out and just use scissors). Your player is now complete! I'm afraid you now have to repeat the last steps with the rest of them ;)

Can recognise any present or past football legends in either team's lineup?

Step 6: Make the Pitch and Ball

Trim all of the white space from around the middle pitch section. Do the same with three sides of each end piece but leave the white strip on the side opposite the end zone. Apply glue to these two white strips and stick them under the each side of the middle section. You should now have a complete pitch. Cut out, fold and glue the ball (and the bonus turkey if you like). Add a little patch of self-adhesive pad or double-sided tape to one side of the ball.

Step 7: Time to Play!

Once you've made all the players and decided which four (two on each team) have Fizzbits you are ready to play. Here are the some rules but feel free to improve:

Each human player is allowed five paper players on the pitch, two of which should contain Fizzbits (these are the Fizzbots). Whoever won the toss starts with posession at their own 30 yard line. They have three chances to drive the ball 10 yards forward. Both human players should line their players up in two lines, with three in the front and two behind (like in the diagram). Where the Fizzbots are positioned within this formation is up to each player. Before the play starts both human players should hold their Fizzbots in position.

The human player who's team has the ball counts down from three and all Fizzbots are released at the same time. The play finishes if the Fizzbot carrying the ball runs completely out of bounds (with both feet), if they fall over, if they run into the opposing endzone, or when all the Fizzbots stop moving. At the end of the play the Fizzbots should be re-charged and the formations set up again. If within the three attempts the ball is driven more than 10 yards past the original start position the team gets three more chances to advance ten yards from where the ball stopped. If they fail to advance ten yards within the three attempts the ball turns over to the opposing team. After a touchdown the opposing team begins with with the ball at their own 30 yard line. Touchdowns are worth 6 points and games last as long as you want them to. If you think these rules could be improved please get in touch: hello [at]

Step 8: Design Your Own Players

If you're bored with the 'Dragons' and 'Unicorns' here is a blank template for you to design your own players and team outfits. If you do please send photos!

Thanks for reading :)

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    this is really co


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    Great design of the players!


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    Meb and Ojb I know you can buy the motors (the vibrating part) at Radio Shack, so if you want to make them, it should be pretty easy.

    MEB and OJB

    4 years ago

    Sweet where do you buy fizzbits?


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    Mad inventor

    4 years ago

    wow, that's really neat!

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    4 years ago

    Nice Ible....