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This is an "ice flake" inside a ball for the 3D Printed Ornament Challenge. It is made using two pieces (which I printed in different colors).

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Step 1:

First, print the flake. No supports are needed.

Step 2:

When the "ball with hole" is 60% complete (print without supports), pause the printer (call for "load filament" on MakerBot machines) and insert the flake as low as possible.

Step 3:

Resume printing.

Step 4:

Turn the flake around and insert the shaft through the hole at the top of the ball. There is just enough room to rotate the flake without extra clearance.

On the top of the flake's shaft there is a hole for the ornament hook. The ball can be rotated to provide whatever view of the flake is desired.

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    Very cool! I'm using Cura with my 3D printer, and it doesn't seem to have a pause button. Too bad, 'cause this looks like an awesome creation!

    3 replies

    Reply 4 years ago

    look for the plugin section. there you can let you printer automatically stop at a sertain height

    Just thinking . . . if you printed two pieces at one time (ball on the left front, sacrificial cylinder on the right rear), then you could slip the flake in while the printer is busily working on the cylinder in the back . . .