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I was at Jimmy Direstas farmhouse for like a week and since I wanted to make a flamethrower for a really long time I decided to make it there with the Diresta tools... :)

I don't know exactly how it would work in Italy but I didn't wanna risk to get arrested or something... :-D

So before you attempt to recreate this make sure that you are on the legally safe side and check your laws!

This is not a toy and you should keep that in mind so make sure that when actually using it that you observe safety and ensure that there are no flammable objects close by and you wear appropriate safety gear.

This item was created as a flame projector for flame effects and not as a weapon so don't get any wrong ideas!!!

Step 1: The Parts and Working Mechanism

The parts list for this build is rather short. I used what I could scavenge in Jimmys shop and the only thing I had to purchase was an inline air blow gun and a quick adapter.

The plumbing pipe I used as a fuel storage was approx. 1 foot long and had a diameter of 1 1/2 inches with threads on both ends. I also used an 1 1/2" end cap, 1 1/2" to 1" reduction cap as well as a 3/4" connector and 3/4" ball valve. For the blower section I used the air blow gun, some copper piping as well as another small ball valve and T-connector.

To be quite honest you could use whatever parts are available and can withstand the pressure (Check for pressure ratings).

The idea is that the larger pipe is filled with a liquid fuel such as gasoline and the smaller pipe is connected to a high pressure air source such as a compressor. When the inline air blow gun is activated a flammable aerosol is shot from the muzzle where it can be ignited with a torch.

Step 2: The Fuel Tank

To prepare the fuel tank I pre-drilled a hole into the one foot pipe and enlarged the hole with a step drill bit so I could fit a 1/2" threaded connector inside.

Step 3: Connection for the Fuel Tank

Next I took a 1/2" threaded connector, cut and sanded it down to fit inside the freshly drilled hole.

Using a grip vice is a great way to keep your fingers away when using the bandsaw and belt grinder ;)

Step 4: Welding #1

I used Jimmys MIG welder to weld the connector in place.

Please not that instead of welding you could also use epoxies or epoxy puties.

Step 5: Assembly

In this step I assembled all parts using plenty of thread sealant. Make sure the connections are tight but not too tight since you might otherwise damage the threading.

Step 6: Torch Holder

As a flame source I opted for a small handheld torch like the one you can use at the table to caramelize a desert.

I noticed that it fit into one end of a 1" reduction cap so I used a bandsaw to cut a piece of and welded it to the end cap above the muzzle. Some epoxy was all it needed later to keep the torch positioned in place.

Step 7: A Handle and Other Mods

When I went with Jimmy to the flea market we found a hay hook with a handle that was perfect for this project. I bought it and cut the handle of with a bandsaw. A little bit of sanding and welding was all that was needed to attach the handle to the fuel tank.

Step 8: Final Flame Thrower

Here you can see the finished flame thrower in Jimmy's hand. It can be used either with the HP source attached or you could pump up the air reservoir (Copper pipe) and then close the small ball valve. This way you could use the thrower for a short burst only.

Step 9: Modifications

I have added a few modification with a few random items to improve the looks and give it a "post-apocalyptic" feel.



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    2 years ago

    How do you fuel it? how would one setup a rig to fuel it?


    Reply 2 years ago

    Not much actually if you apply basic safety rules and some common sense!


    2 years ago

    Very nice! Big fan of your work. Love the trash to treasure style

    1 reply

    2 years ago

    Very well done and great first instructable! I wish the local laws allowed for us to make one.

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    Thanks a lot, flame throwers are legal in quite a few US states so it might be worth checking. There also might be loopholes for film making SFX equipment.