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Introduction: Flaming Skull Pumpkin

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Well, halloween is almost here so why not make a scary skull to invite some trick or treaters. I started this project because I grew a pumpkin in my backyard, then I was wondering what to do with it. I remembered that carving a pumpkin was really fun last year so I decided to do it again. This design is not very complex and even a beginner can carve the pumpkin. Let's get started!

One thing to remember is if you want to carve your pumkin, the pumpkin will only last you a couple days after it's carved before it begins to rot so plan ahead.

You'll need :

small but very sharp knife

Metal spoon with a pointed tip

skull template (Link will be provided where you can download it)


paper napkins

work surface

And of course, a medium size pumpkin

Optional: A candle or other light source

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Step 1: Scooping Out the Pumpkin

Take your pumpkin and wash the outside so all the dirt is washed away. This will make it easier to work with. First, cut a circular hole around the stem of your pumpkin.

Note* All cuts should be made with a small knife.

Note* Seeds can be peeled, tossed with a bit of oil and some salt then heated up on a small pan. This makes very nice roasted pumpkin seeds.

Using the metal spoon scoop out the guts and seeds from your pumpkin. Save your seeds so you can roast them.

Step 2: Etch in Your Design

Download the stencil and cut out about an inch around the skull. Make sure you cut out the bone because we will only carve the skull. Using a bit of tape attach the paper to your pumpkin. After that, slowly cut around the shaded portions of the stencil. Do not cut fully in, you only need to etch it in the pumpkin so you can see the marks. Once everything is etched into the pumpkin you can slowly remove the paper and tape.

*Please look above to see how the pumpkin will look after the paper is removed

Step 3: Carve Your Pumpkin

After the paper is removed you can cut fullly into the pumpkin along the lines you just made. For the more complex cuts, try using a toothpick to dig into the pumpkin. This helps because the toothpick is thin and sharp at the end. Finally, once everything is cut you'll need to take the nose of the pumpkin and connect it back on using two more toothpicks.

Step 4: Final Step: Look at Your Masterpiece in Amazement

Once you take a look at you pumpkin, you'll see that hard work pays of in the end. Now let's add the finishing touches, light a candle and open the top of your pumpkin. If the inside isn't flat, try cutting a little off. I used a smaller knife so it could fit on the inside. Place the candle inside the pumpkin and dim the lights in the room. Watch as the candle flickers inside the skull.

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