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Introduction: Flash Drive Steampunk Style!

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This is my Steampunk/Vintage flash drive!

With flash drives becoming bigger and bigger, I was trying to find a way to still love my 2G - 8G drives

I decided to make them into something I would enjoy again and carry with me to various places as a conversation piece.

This is pretty simple. If you want to get real detailed you can make it to where the tube has a light in it when you plug it in.

The one drawback to this flash drive is the weight. The middle piece is real brass so it adds some weight to it.

Step 1: Materials

You will need the following (Depending on what you are doing):

1: PVC fitting

2: Brass Fitting

3: USB flash drive

4: Vacuum Tube

5: Top cap from a Hard Drive

6: Spring from a flash light

7: Paint

8: Epoxy (For Rivets)

9: Alcohol and cotton ball (For cleaning)

Tools you will need:

1: Hot glue gun

2: Dremel

3: Paint brush

4: Toothpick (For Rivets)

Step 2: Let's Get Started!

First off let's plug in that hot glue gun while we take care of cleaning the parts.

Take your parts and alcohol. Take a cotton ball or q-tip and clean the parts with it.

This ensures all particals and oils are gone and helps with the paint.

Step 3: Take Apart the Flash Drive

Take the skin or case of the flash drive down to the bare chip. It should look just like the pic

Take your top cap from the hard drive and cut a little of it until the drive fits into place.

Then slide it in and hot glue it into place.

Be generous with hot glue, it won't hurt the drive

Step 4: Add Rivets

take your epoxy and mix.

Now take your toothpick and dot the epoxy then dot the places you want rivets

Allow to dry

Step 5: Assemble

hot glue the brass fitting, the pvc fitting and the vacuum tube together

Step 6: Paint and Age

Paint it the colors you are wanting, allow to dry.

Now age it, just dry brush with some black paying attention to the edges.

I got a little sloppy with the epoxy and hot glue as you can see a little under the paint, just to give it a little character and a little aging

Step 7: Finish Your New Drive

You can now put the remaining 2 parts together.

I hot glued mine together, but you may have a way where it just slides in and out when you need it.

Step 8: Adding Some Decor

I added a few nuts to the decor part of it, and I had a spring from a flashlight that fit perfect

Step 9: Here Some Pics of My Finished Ones

I had parts for another, so here are some pics of both for ya!

Any questions or comments just leave them below, and thanks for looking.

Post me some pics of yours!

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    5 Discussions


    4 years ago

    I really dig that USB drive! so much so i'm trying to build one in that fashion as well! :)


    5 years ago on Introduction

    You could add a cover for the front, something like:



    5 years ago

    Awesome effect, and the fake rivets are inspired. Good job! ?


    Reply 5 years ago

    Got the idea from lost wax. I now use it lol. Thx for the support and kind words!