Flash Minnow Candy



About: I am an avid fly fisherman, and started a fly fishing channel where I tie flies and video myself fishing.

This "flash minnow candy" uses a flexible UV curing resin for the body shape of the fly. Instead of using hard curing resin which doesn't feel realistic, and is prone to cracking/breaking. This will be more durable, and utilizing a flashy material, it will shine brilliantly in the water. This fly is great for both fresh and saltwater fish.

Hook: Gamakatsu SS15 size 2
Tail fiber: Unique hair - clear/white
Flash fiber: Starburst dubbing - pearl, holographic silver, jet black
Eyes: 3D 4mm eyes
Eye adhesive: Fletch Tite
Body Resin: Solarez "flex" UV curing resin
Thread: Danville clear monofilament thread - Fine



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