Flash Drive Cards

Introduction: Flash Drive Cards

im going to show you how to hide a flash drive in a deck of cards(you can also hide other small things like money)

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Step 1: Materials

your going to need a deck of cards, glue, and a scalpel or razor blade.

Step 2: Gluing Cards

your going to put glue on the top and bottom of five cards let them dry (they will be lid)then take 1 card away from the rest of the deck (this will be used later)

Step 3: Cutting Deck

your going to need to cut out a rectangle in the remaining 46 cards with your scalpel or razor blade after wards use the same gluing method to glue these cards together DO NOT GLUE THESE TO THE FIVE YOU GLUED EARLIER! get the 1 extra card we took out in step 1 this should not be cut glue it to the bottom of the 46 cut cards.

Step 4:

after everything is dried you should have 47 cards glued and five glued put your flash drive or whatever in the 47 and put the remaining five on top put it on a windowsill or shelf and no one will know

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