Flash Light Holder



this is an easy way to make a flashlight holder that you can use to hold a flashlight on your head

Step 1: What You Need

this is what you need 
(you will also need a twist tie)

Step 2: Preparing the Flash Light

take the clip off the flashlight if it has one

Step 3: Making the Case Part 1

cut out pieces of duct tape as long as the handle and roll them onto the handle sticky side up

Step 4: Making the Case Part 2

roll on pieces of tape sticky side down onto the tape

Step 5: Attach the Case Onto the Strap

put zip ties under the flash light and tighten them. Then you cut off the ends 

Step 6: Making Sure That the Flashlight Doesn't Fall Out Part 1

you can only do this if the flashlight has a hole in the back  

cut out the tape and put it on the flashlight holder covering the zip ties

Step 7: Making Sure the Flashlight Doesn't Fall Out Part 2

put a twist tie through the hole. 
cut out a piece of tape.
start to roll on a piece of tape.
fold over the end. 
finish rolling on the tape. 

If you have any questions leave me a comment. 
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