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Introduction: FlashFlash Wristband

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FlashFlash Wristband

Step 1: FlashFlash Wristband

FlashFlash Wristband



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    oi. lay off. it's really not that hard to figure out. paracord bracelet, slip knot, leather and some hot glue. i think it's brilliant. just don't get it wet.

    paracord: https://www.instructables.com/id/Paracord-bracelet-with-a-side-release-buckle/

    interesting design on the leather.

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    almost a year and still no pic's of how it was done lol must be usin a sinclair spectrum to upload the pic's lol

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    I like the item but please don't put stuff up that you bought. There are things such as blogs for that. If you made this please post instructions as to how to make it.

    ano.. does anyone realize they sell these at target?

    Seems like a SanDisk Cruzer Micro

    Thank you guys' attention! the processing pictures will be uploaded very soon, thank you!

    maybe. and maybe, if the purpose of this site were to analyze photos of objects, deduce the materials, the tools used, and the overall basic construction of said objects, you'd be right. i was just pointing out that posting "instructions" would be nothing less than appropriate instead of 5 arrogantly self-promotional, ego boosting pictures of the final project. so logically speaking, between the two of us, one of us is using his brain and i'm not sure it's you.

    Not exactly. For example, how did he make the actual bracelet(not the flash drive)? The leather/tan cover on the flash drive? Tools he possibly used as well. It's pretty commercial looking, so wouldn't you want to be able to make one just like it of the same quality?


    11 years ago

    hey atleast he got on the make blog so give him some credit :)

    yeah, i thought this site was called "instructables" not "post-your-knick-knacks-in-an-attempt-to-impress-us-with-your-bad-macrame-skills-and-grant-some-semblance-of-ethnicity-to-your-oversized-and-otherwise-pale-white-and-pasty-hand."

    Myabe show us how to make it and what it does..?

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    As far as what it does, that I can answer. Look at the pictures. It's a flash (or jump) drive that you wear as a bracelet, but still functions as the flash drive.

    Oh, I see now, I thought it light up from USB power. That's a great idea, maybe even put a drive in a binder or somthing.

    Excellent work! I like to think that in the future that our shoelaces will have memory...

    Whoa! Yes! It's a sign! This'll save the next flash drive I buy from wandering off! Yes!!!