Flashdrive: Cool Sawed-off USB Wire (actually a Hidden Flash Drive)




Introduction: Flashdrive: Cool Sawed-off USB Wire (actually a Hidden Flash Drive)

its a cool flash drive hidden as a broken USB wire : )

please vote for me and like so i may have a shot in the contest thank you leave comments and i'll help all the time 

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Step 1: Materials

Materials (all house hold items )
less then $15 in total  for a cool  4 GB

- sharp box cutter

-set of handy tools (small screw drivers ) (optional but makes life easier)

-small flash drive (i used pny 4 gig cause its light weight and easy to take apart not even a single tool needed other than fingers )
the one i used 


-heavy books 

and obviosly a used usb cable (its ok and even better if it doesn't work) 

every thing is pretty cheap 

Step 2: Flash Drives (the One That Is Highlighted Is the Best to Use and I Used That One )

the one that is highlighted is the best to use and i used that one 

Step 3: Cutting

cut the sides of the usb cable 

Step 4: Removing

Remove the guts of usb everything must go except  for the casing (obvious)

Sorry no picture :(

Step 5: Insertion and Completion

Put your own flash drive in and then use Elmer's glue to seal everything up and press and hold tightly.
*********************please read the next step right after putting the glue***********************

Step 6: Finishing Up

Put the USB on on book or flat floor then pile heavy books on it so it will be pressed. then take it out 2 secs later and wipe excess glue and then put it back , leave it for 30 minutes.

Step 7: Finished at Last!

Now enjoy please vote for me and like so i may have a shot in the contest thank you leave comments and i'll help all the time 

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Hi there,
    This is a very good idea, very clever and would fool lots of people.
    Only thing I didn't like about your 'ible was your repeated request for a vote, once is enough, twice is palatable ....

    Keep up the good work,


    Thats funny, I saw that very same project
    here: http://imakeprojects.com/Projects/haunted-usb-cable/
    The only difference is that yours is a flash drive