Flashing LED Dog Harness




Need some light in a dark road while walking your dog at night? Here is a cool instructable, a flashing LED dog harness with blinking-control knob. You can change the pace of the flashing light by turning the knob. Show off your dog with this flashing LED dog harness.

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Step 1: A Preview of the Flashing LED Dog Harness

Step 2: The Battery Pack

I used 3 AA batteries as my voltage source and a small pouch to hold those batteries. Btw i got my battery holder from an old toy and from an old alarm clock.

Step 3: The 555 Timer Circuit

Just follow the instructions at the vid for more info in making the 555 timer circuit.

*** I used a film canister to hold the circuit and I cut it half for it to fit in the pouch.

Step 4: The LED PCB and the Overall Circuit

Again just watch the vid for further info..

*** I used the wires from an old cellphone charger as my connectors..

*** You can use  spst switch for the switch...
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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Nice way to keep your dog (and yourself) safe at night.