Flashlight Modification DIY Diffuser Lantern Cap


Introduction: Flashlight Modification DIY Diffuser Lantern Cap

About: I have always loved building and modifying things. Some of my modifications have worked out very well for me so i figured i would share them. I look forward to being part of the Instructables community.

This video will show you how to make a custom diffuser or lantern cap for your flashlight. 

All you need is a white plastic milk jug and a lighter.



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    Excellent work! I've been looking for a easy diffuser for a 3 mode flash light I use as for a bike light. I use the full power mode for lighting the way in the morning but I wanted to be able to use the strobe mode during the day just to get the attention of vehicles but it's just way too bright I think this could solve the problem!

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    Spectacular. I've been looking for a simple diffuser for my LED flashlight to hang in my tent. I'm going to make one of these right now! Thanks.

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    I prototyped mine with paper rather than plastic. It worked well - but maybe too well. The light is fully diffused. I'm thinking plastic will allow me to still "flood" the light in a general direction.

    Instead of making a round end-cap, I pinched the end and taped it. That approach has some pros and cons.

    Yah my prototype was just wrapped around and then kinda pinched together. Still works but I prefer the round cap because I leave my cap on my stylus pro all the time and the round cap fits it flush.

    I noticed that from your video. That's definitely the "pro" of making a proper end-cap.