Flashlight / Power Control GUN !

Introduction: Flashlight / Power Control GUN !

Turn a Guncon into a Flashlight and Wireless  Power Switch ! 

I will Update how to wire everything at a later date . 

Works up to 50 feet away . For less than $20 . 
You are able to use the light in the dark and then turn out the lights when you dont need them. 

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Step 1: Light and Wireless Transmitter

Step 2:

Remove screws and cord .

Step 3:

Take apart transmitter and flashlight .

Step 4:

Wire everything up.
Test Flashlight .

Step 5: LGHT ON


Step 6:

Plug in Receiver and shoot ........ Power you devices up to 50 feet away  !!! 

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    You should replace the main image with the finished picture from your project.