Flat Pack Birdhouse

This DIY is about making a flat packed birdhouse.

The following steps will guide you to make this birdhouse by yourself.

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Step 1: Materials & Tools

For this project, you'll need:

- A screw

- A few thick washers

- Laminated cardboard

- Steel or wooden pins


- Cutter

- Ruler

- Cutting mat

- Contact adhesive

(optional: rotary cutter)

Step 2: Cutting and Folding

Take a piece of laminated cardboard and follow the dimensions as shown in the PDF file.

Step 3: Adding Pins, Washers and a Hole

Cut out a hole on the front of the birdhouse.

The diameter of the hole should be 35mm.

Using a rotary cutter makes it easy but it should also work with a regular cutter.

At the back of the birdhouse drill a hole so you can fit a screw through it. Glue some washers on the hole, both on the inside and outside.

As a final step, make tiny holes to fit a steel of wooden pin.

These are necessary to secure the roof to the rest of the birdhouse.

The two upper pins keep the roof down and the pin in the center under the roof puts it under tension and so the entirety gets its stiffness.

Now you can give a bird an enjoyable life!

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