Flat Pack Grinder

Introduction: Flat Pack Grinder

Hello all

I'm here to present a small school project. I had to develop a sort of grinder for vegetables only using 2D parts. Which makes it a flat pack product. My goal was to exclude bindingmaterials like glue out of hygienic reasons. Due to a short amount of time I wasn't able to work this thing out to it's full potential, so don't be made if doesn't work properly. On the other hand, suggestions are always welcome.

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Step 1: What You Need

These are the materials and tools that I used. You don't necessarily need a lasercutter, but if possible, it makes some things a lot easier.

The materials include balsawood, a thin sheet of milky transparant PP (1 mm), a thick plate of milky white PP (5 mm), some stretchers (I still need to work on that, it snaps a lot), small rings with a screw-end (D: 2 mm & L: 8 mm) and some small sheets of metal (thickness: 1 mm, L: min. 20 mm & H: 60 mm).

I think I don't need to explain which tools I used. They're basic enough. Bores to use: 1 mm, 1.5 mm, 2 mm

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