Flat Pack Hanging "Book" Shelf

Introduction: Flat Pack Hanging "Book" Shelf

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Quick and easy hanging book shelf for home decoration and organizing. Added bonus when not in use pack it flat and simply store on another bookshelf.

Step 1: Materials & Tools

-Paracord (I used 2 10ft pieces)
-Metal Ring (can be found at most craft stores. mine is brass. you could also use a washer or other miscellaneous hardware for hanging)
-Books (preferably hard back and large. the bigger the better for shelf space and shelf rigidity)

-Small Drill Bit (3/32 is what I used just to pre drill the books)
-Large Drill Bit ( mines 3/16 this needs to be big enough to fit the paracord or string you use through the book)

Step 2: Drill Holes

Pre drill with the smaller drill bit (3/32) all the way through the books being sure to drill straight and in the same spot of all for corners. Do this for as many shelves as you want.

Once every book is pre drilled switch drill bits (3/16) and drill the holes to their final size.

I only pre-filled because the pages had a tendency to grab and tear and I wanted to avoid that. You may have better results by clamping your book closed to the table at all four corners while drilling.

Step 3: Tie the Knot

This is the Knot I used. Not sure of the name but it's tied like two half hitches only you twist it twice instead of once. New name for it is two hitches. Not sure. Any knot will do the job. Just be sure you leave plenty of extra length on the string for tying bookshelves. I used two 10 foot pieces for this project.

Step 4: Thread the String

just thread the string in this case paracord through each hole tying a knot for each shelf to rest on. I found it helpful to use a ruler for equal spacing and a level for double checking everything. Once all the string is threaded and tied for all the shelves you want cut the ends off and enjoy your new Book Shelf.

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