Flat Pack Jedi Starfighter



Introduction: Flat Pack Jedi Starfighter

A small project for school (many years ago) was we had to create a some sort of toy or amusement for sick children in hospitals. The catch being, the toy had to be made from a flat pack piece of foam core (300x300x3mm). Of course, these parameters do not apply to you but perhaps this project can be an inspiration for a flat pack of your own. I decided to create a figurine Jedi Starfighter...

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Step 1: The Layout

This project is more of a show and tell piece of not much of a step by step guide. However using the images and the files given (and a bit of common sense), anyone can recreate the same Jedi StarFighter that I did for my project. The cut outs I created as shown are designed to slot together at various angles (depicted in the final assemble photo and the render). These cut outs can be done via a cnc machine or but hand using a stanley or exacto knife. The dwg file is also provided if need. They are two sections of the design, the Jedi Starfighter itself and the booster that sits around the Starfighter. They are not directly connected but the booster can be used as a stand for the Fighter. The Fighters Wings can also be changed from the closed position to the opened position fairly quickly as well as mini R2 can be changed over.

Step 2: Assembly

Whether you cut it by hand or cnc'ed the cut outs, a small amount of sanding and fitting will need to be done. Be careful not to sand too much off otherwise the tabs may not fit. Hot glue or super glue maybe be needed for certain areas as well if a small scale is choosen. If the scale is changed of the design remember that mine is modeled after 3mm thick foamcore and thus some of the tabs are 3mm wide, thus compensate for that. Once again this is not much of a step by step guide by more of a project to add to the books. The files are available and if any converting of them or formatting is missing please let me know. Flat packs seem to be limited to two dimensions but virtually any 3D object can be recreated. Have fun!

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