Flat Pen/ Bookmark/ PocketPen


By a simple folding technique you have in a single second a pen.


The pen can be easily folded and be inserted between a book, without the pages of the book are distorted.


Do you also need a more stylish pen? You can take this pen easily with in your pocket or shirt.

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Step 1: What Do I Need?

* One plastic folder (flexible but strong material)

* A scissor

* Cutter knife

* Ruler, protractor ...

* Pencil

* Cutting mat

* Ink tube of a disposable pen

What is useful about this design is that is doesn't need much. If you can't reuse any old folder, you can find one for less than one euro in shops. Also you can reuse ink tubes of broken pens.

Step 2: The Basic

Step 1:

Cut a triangle from the folder.

Step 2:

These lines are the folding line, make sure you do not cut off the pieces!! Make a slight incision according to the yellow dotted line.

Step 3:

The orange line indicates the incision for the attachment of the pen. Make an incision according to the orange line. Here is the line drawn along the left side of the triangle. This is for LEFT-HANDED. Right-handed make the incision on the right side.

Step 4:

Cut off the tip of the triangle. This may have a height of approximately 1cm

NOTE: You can adjust the sizes depending on the desired size of the pen

Step 3: Integration of Pen

Step 1:

Fold the triangle in two according to the red dotted line.

Step 2:

Draw a pattern of trapezoids on the fold side and make the incisions according to the orange line.

Step 3:

Take the ink tube and braid it between the pieces.

Step 4: Who to Use?

How do I make my pen?

Insert the corner through the provided hole and pull. Now you can start writing.

How do I make my bookmarked?

Fold one corner to the middle and insert it between a book.

How do I put it in my pocket?

Fold the two corners to the middle and push the ink pen inward. Now you can put it in your pocket.

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    Hi everybody ! Sorry for the late response, but I was quite busy for my school assignments. Since I am now in Sweden for a few months, I can not make a video. I post the video as soon as possible! Thank you for the comments!


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    3 years ago

    Please include a video.


    3 years ago

    neat, simple & cool. trying this. :)


    3 years ago

    That is very clever! Well planned out and written!