Flatline Paracord Bracelet

Introduction: Flatline Paracord Bracelet

How to make a Flatline Paracord Bracelet. A Flatline Paracord Bracelet is the Cobra Braid with a piece of Paracord with the center strings taken out, braided into the top of the Paracord Bracelet. You will need about 12 feet of paracord, a paracord buckle and a foot of paracord with the center taken out for the Flatline.

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Step 1: Flatline Paracord Bracelet - 1

Attach the paracord to the buckles, then measure it for size on your wrist. Then put the Flatline piece in the buckle, where you will start braiding.

Step 2: Flatline Paracord Bracelet - 2

The take paracord tail you want to be the center color, bring it across the top, make sure you go over the top of the Flatline. Then with the second piece of paracord, bring it over the top of the first, around the back and up through the hole made by the first. Make sure you tuck about 3 inches of the Flatline into the back side of the bracelet.

Step 3: Flatline Paracord Bracelet - 3

The take the first piece of paracord across the top, but go under the Flatline this time. Then with the second piece of paracord, go over the top of the first, around the back, and up through the hole made by the first piece of paracord. Then pull it tight.

Step 4: Flatline Paracord Bracelet - 4

Continue the same braid, until you reach the other buckle. Remember to weave the Flatline over under over under. Pull the paracord tight after each braid.

Step 5: Flatline Paracord Bracelet - 5

Once your reach the other buckle, run the Flatline piece through the buckle and tuck it in the back. Then cut the paracord ends and melt them into the bracelet. Now your Flatline Paracord Bracelet is complete. Get more Paracord Projects, or Paracord Bracelet Instructions. See all the Paracord Bracelet Patterns.



Step 6:

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    4 years ago

    Did you use 12 feet of red and 12 feet of black or 6 feet of red and 6 feet of black


    Reply 4 years ago

    6 of each