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Introduction: Flatware Drainer

When we moved into our new apartment, we didn't have a flatware drainer to use. This is mostly because the flatware drainer we had was actually the silverware tray for the dishwasher. We never actually used the dishwasher, except as a leftover yogurt container storage facility.

To correct this situation, I used one of our many empty yogurt containers, a few twist-ties (wire, zip-ties, or paperclips would do just fine), and a utility knife.

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Step 1: Clean the Container

We accumulate these containers like mercury in bluefin tuna. I particularly enjoy yogurt with some granola and berries, but you can always go with some tasty naan.

Draw four lines on the bottom of the container, making 8 equal divisions.

Step 2: Cut the Container

Cut the container on the lines starting from about a quarter inch up the side, to about inch from the center.

Push on the coner of one division until it pops inward. Skip the next division and continue around the container, popping in every other division. 4 should be in, 4 should be left alone. This will allow water to drain from the container without your flatware falling out.

Step 3: Connect the Container

Poke two holes below the lip of the container at least an inch apart. Attach the container to your dish drainer through these holes using wire or twist ties. I also used a rubber band at the bottom to hold it steady, but it should be fine without one.

Now you can wash dishes in style!

Also, anybody know what else to do with these yogurt containers?  We have a million of them, and the recyclers won't take them.

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    I like how you cut and popped in the bottom of the container--practical for drainage and stylish looking as well. I think that quart yogurt containers are great to use as a hand-held bucket when painting with a brush.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks! :-) That would be really handy for painting, you could even keep the lid nearby to keep the paint from drying when you break for lunch.