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Introduction: Flaxseed Hair Gel

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One day I realized I was out of hair gel. Store bought hair gel is just so expensive, I didn't want to go out a buy a little tube for a decent chunk of money. Then I thought about it, why not make my own hair gel? I was pleased to find out that I could make my own hair gel that works great!

It is a very quick and simple recipe for such an amazing hair gel. This recipe is much healthier than store bought kinds. The flaxseed and the optional oils you can add to the gel will make your hair and scalp flourish. The cost is so minimal, about 10 cents(US). Your wallet will be pleased. You can customize the gel with different oils, creating different scents, health benefits, and colors. The total time to make it was about 10 minutes. It's now time to get started.

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Step 1: Gather Ingredients

You will need:

  1. 1/8 cup of Flaxseed
  2. 1 cup of Water
  3. A small strainer (I used cheesecloth)
  4. A small Pot

Step 2: Start

Put the water and the flaxseed in the small pot. Put it on the stovetop and bring it to a medium heat. Constantly stir the mixture until it turns gel-like. You don't want it to get too gel-like, otherwise you won't be able to strain the seeds out. Don't worry, the gel will thicken up a little bit once it cools.

Step 3: Finish

Remove it from the heat and strain it through to an airtight container. Add any oils you would like or just keep it how it is. The oils will also help preserve it. Store it in the airtight container inside of the fridge. You've now created your own hair gel. Congrats!

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