Flexible Extension Holder Lamp Bulb E27

I apologize for my bad English, but I would really like to share my home-made.

This time I decided to make a simple flexible lamp to work in poorly lit places.
In contrast to the bulb with a wire, this option is much more convenient because you do not need to look for where to place the lamp

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Step 1:

For manufacturing, I needed a case from an old power supply, an E27 bulb connector, a wire and a flexible tube.
I took a flexible tube for the wire from an old table lamp

Step 2:

Pulling out all the elements from the power supply unit, I soldered the wires to the plug and insulated them and screwed the flexible tube to the case.

Step 3:

On the other hand, fasten and connect the connector for the light bulb.

Step 4:

After that, glued the power supply case

Step 5: Finish

Is done. It remains to screw the light bulb and you can use

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