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Introduction: Flexible Smartphone Tripod

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Smartphone accessories: sometimes they are handy, most of the time they cost too much for a cheap piece of plastic. So if you need a smartphone tripod, this is a quick fix. FedX delivery is fast but this built is faster.

Step 1: Materials

I've built this with parts I found laying around in my shop. I think you can buy all this stuff for about 2 € (pic 1).

  • piece of MDF 8 mm. At least 130 mm by 130 mm
  • piece of wood (I used rubberwood)
  • small wood screws
  • rigid electric wire 2,5 mm (it has a stiffness but it can be bent by hand)
  • a luster terminal


  • wood glue
  • glue clamps
  • table saw
  • drill
  • screwdriver

Step 2: The Phone Holder

  • Make al ledge that is large enough to support your phone with the piece of wood (pic 2). I used the table saw to do this.
  • Make a square piece of MDF (130 mm by 130 mm). Put markings 20 mm from the edges (pic 3). Measure the width of your phone and mark where the edges are (pic 3 bis).
  • Drill the holes (pic 4).
  • Glue the piece of wood on the MDF (pic 5)... Drink coffee or do a little dance until the glue is dry.
  • Saw the two glued pieces along the markings you made (pic 6). If you did everything right it should look like pic 7. The holes you drilled make a nice notch for an elastic band.

Step 3: The Legs

  • Attach the luster terminal on the back of the phone holder with some screws (pic 8).
  • Insert 3 pieces of the electric wire in the luster terminal (pic 9).

Step 4: Result!

Slap on an elastic band and you have a snappy little smartphone tripod with flexible legs.

Go and film... some flowers!



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Awesome. I really need one of this! Why do I found this only now? Lol. The idea of using the connector/terminal to fix the wire is very clever.

1 reply

Thanks. This will help one of my students with a low budget claymation project. He needed a tripod for his cell-phone to do record it with.

1 reply

Cool! I 'm looking forward seeing the film your students will make.


2 years ago

excelent !!


2 years ago


It's a japanese cherry right outside my shop. Makes me smile every time I walk in.

Nice design. Stunning opening shot. Thanks for sharing this, Henk!

1 reply

This is great! So simple and effective. Very nicely done :)

1 reply

Funny and clever project !

I add it to my favorite.

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