Flexible Magnet Shaft for Better Lighting With Tools Made at Techshop

Introduction: Flexible Magnet Shaft for Better Lighting With Tools Made at Techshop

some tools have shadowed ares that would benefit from more directed light.

magnet attached flexi-light

super glue
duct tape

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Step 1:

buy a flexible shaft
this was the only thing my local harbor freight had, but you can use anything that flexes

Step 2:

It looks like the magnet will fit on the threaded end

Step 3:

Modify the threaded end to barely fit the disc magnet
use a micrometer to measure the width of the magnet and match with a drill bit

Step 4:

Attached female end to male, threaded part and cut to depth of magnet

Step 5:

Magnet fits tightly and superglue holds it in

Step 6:

This double sided tape would not hold the magnet in, learn from my fails.

Step 7:

Squishing the magnet in place didn't work

Step 8:

Attach the flashlight to the flexible cable.
I used tape, but you could spot weld it, use stronger tape, etc.

Step 9:

I tried stainless steel cables, but it was too loose

Step 10:

Test final prototype

Yea, it works

I couldn't find a battery powered, magnet mounted, flexible light, that was strong enough on amazon, so I made one.

I made it at TechShop


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