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I like wood projects, but my garage was filled with boxes, buckets and precariously tilting stacks of wood that were hard to get to. I needed a storage rack. I was inspired by this plan:


but I wanted a more flexible higher capacity mobile design that could change with my needs. Also why not do it using recycled free pallets!

Check out the notes in each picture and please vote for me in the 2015 Pallet contest.

Step 1: Lucky Pallet Find

A local shipping company had a pile of random pallets. I was lucky to find this good quality 4'x8' with a smooth pressboard top as well as other large 4'x8' pallets. I decided to cut it to 4'x6' and added 4 wheels (from harbor freight) to the corners. I later added 2 more wheels to prevent bowing in the middle stringer, as well as upgrading them to 275lb for each.

Step 2: Split A-frames

I decided to split the original A-frame design into two "L" frames made out of 2"x4" beams scavenged from pallets and attached using wood screws. The vertical is 51" high and bottom is 14" wide which is approximately 15 degrees diagonal. I added a top, bottom and diagonal braces.

Step 3: 3/4" Box Rests

Using a 3/4" forstner drill but, I made 3 holes up each L frame. I bought 18 feet of 3/4" pipe from the hardware store and cut to 1 foot lengths and sanded the sharp edges.

Step 4: Wood Storage Boxes

Some of the pallets had boards 9" wide and others 3.5" and 5". Using a combination of boards I made 6 boxes about 51" wide with a pneumatic stapler and 1.5" staples.

Each box holds different types of wood: pressure treated, 2"x4", oak, moulding, small plywood, scraps.

Step 5: Miscellaneous Storage

There is 2 feet of storage space on the back of the pallet which I attached a clamp rack, router table, buckets for round things, and other tall items. With time, I might add shelves or an additional box on each side.

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    7 Discussions


    3 years ago

    reminds me of a automotive glass rack, nicely done, and excellent find!


    3 years ago

    There are so many ways you could improvise with pallets that are good for decoration purposes and also storage and I personally have used them for a wall bike rack. I have yet to experiment with them further but I bet there are definitely many more means to do so if I explore further.


    3 years ago

    And the best thing about this DIY rack is that you can use the scrap you're going to keep to make it! Haha!


    3 years ago on Introduction

    Nice job, things on wheels for storage or tools are very much needed.

    I need to build one too., thank you for the idea.


    That is slick. Scrap and miscellaneouss wood gets out of control so fast. You try to stack it then you need that piece it the very bottom of the heavy stack. Your little scraps are like kings riding around in this thing. I dont get the forstner bit pipe step. Do you make a bar that the boxes hang on, like a towel hangs on a bar? Or do the pipe stick out like a bracket that the lumber rests on?

    2 replies

    From what I can see, if you look at the first picture, look under the top box. You should be able to see the pipe sticking straight out of the A frames. The boxes sit on those pipes. At least that is how I see it.

    Oh yea. I see it now. Lol. It was only in the very first most prominently featured picture. No wonder I couldnt find it.