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I'm 15 and a half, so i will be getting my divers license soon.My dad and i just recently swapped every thing from a 93 Geo Prizm that was in a accident but had a good engine and interior into a 95 Geo Prizm with a engine knock and bad interior. Now it is time to restore the rims.

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Step 1: Why I Did It

My car was driven to the ocean every day and the clear coat wore off from the corrosiveness of the beach. As a result the rims get little black spots that are almost impossible to clean off unless I use some very hardcore cleaner and than the spots just come back in about a week.

Step 2: Get Some Flexidip

I chose some grey fiexidip. It took me 2 cans and i still had a little left over, each can cost about $6. The reason I chose flexidip over paint is it is more durable than spray paint and you can pell it off.

Step 3: Take Off Rim

Find a strong part of the car to jack it up from. Use a air gun if you have one but if you don't, loosen the lug nuts on the ground and than take them all the way off in the air.

Step 4: Clean Rims

Clean the rims the best you can but you don't have to get every thing off, because this stuff is pretty think and it will cover things.

Step 5: 1st Coat

Tape off your valve stem and put flash cards in between the tire and rim. Put the paint on about 50% on the first coat.It is kind of different spraying Flexidip than spray paint.

Step 6: 3 More Coats

Do 3 more thin coats every 5mins. Let dry complete for 24hrs.

Step 7: Finished

Put the rims back on car and you are done.

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    5 Discussions


    5 years ago on Introduction

    It looks so much better!

    P.S. You're lucky to have a Geo - those things last for-ev-er. I have a friend that's been driving one for nearly 15 years and it's never had any problems! Hope yours is the same :D


    5 years ago

    Nicely done.
    I can remember doing all kinds of budget hacks to my first car. We didn't have Flexi-dip then so I had to sand, prime, sand, paint, wet sand, paint, wet sand, repeat, for hours on each wheel to get them looking nice.
    It's great to see young people that are still interested in driving enough to put hard work into their first car. It will make you a better driver because you won't want to damage your baby that has your own blood, sweat, tears, and cash invested in it.
    Keep up the good work and post Instructables on other projects you do to your car.


    5 years ago

    nice can you let us know how long it lasts. also did you do the dash too? or was that bc you swapped interiors

    1 reply

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    I had to replace the dash to because the car was bought from the junk yard and someone ripped the stereo out which broke the dash that cost me about 10hours of work because every cord is attached to the dash.