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Introduction: Flickering Flames Skirt

A circle skirt that swishes beautifully and looks fabulous.

This beautiful skirt is from a pattern published on www.elann.com. I fell in love with it the moment I saw it. Lace knitting always entrances me.

I have been knitting from a very early age. One of these pictures shows you the first thing I ever knit. Tommy was very understanding of my knitting efforts. He even wore the cape I knit for him. It didn't offend his masculine sensibilities. You don't often find that in a man. No problem with the "boyfriend sweater" curse, you'll notice. He's still around.

The Flickering Flames pattern called for Endless Summer Collection Luna available from Elann (and I actually have made it in this yarn in black but I haven't got it blocked yet) but this cream version I made in Lion Brand Microspun. I LOVE Lion Brand Microspun. It feels fabulous in my hands.

A circular needle makes the knitting very easy and enjoyable. The edge of the skirt is finished in a picot bind off. VERY attractive.

The waist is fastened with an I-cord. One thing that's so nice about this skirt is that the fit is such a breeze. It's a circle out from the waist and it then drapes beautifully. One size fits most.

Don't be intimidated by the blocking. The blocking picture is from the Elann pattern.

You can probably substitute any DK yarn for the Elann yarn if you don't find a Microspun color that you like. You'll have to fend off the compliments when you're done.



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    9 Discussions

    Love the pattern simply exquisite. You so lovely in it as well. Nice job!

    Ditto all the comments except my grandmother didn't knit. Well done.

    Beautiful..I can't knit,but I am envious of people that can and especially when they can knit things this beautiful...

    I love this skirt. Most notable though, is your flawless work! I have to give it a try. Thanks for sharing it!

    My grandma used to crochet this pattern. Absolutely beautiful.

    Agreeing with everybody else, this is just an amazing job! The pattern is very cool, I bet you must be SO PROUD. Just a great job. +1 rating.

    Stunning! Thank you for sharing your treasure. happyjean