Flickering LED Candle Mod





Introduction: Flickering LED Candle Mod

This is a quick and easy mod that converts one flickering led into a driver for multiple led's. It only requires a few basic electronic components and can turn any led flash light or work light into a flickering light. This effect is also known to look like a flickering candle.

Step 1: Parts Required

  1. Any small NPN transistor (2n2222,2n3904) (ebay has these 100 for $1.25)
  2. 1 1/4 watt 10k - 13k resistor (pick up a cheap resistor kit on ebay $3.00)
  3. 1 flickering led (can be bought from the dollar store in a 2 pack led flickering candle $1.00)
  4. 27 led harbor freight flashlight (free with coupon and any purchase)

Step 2: Disasemble the Light

In our case we will be converting the common harbor freight work light, which comes apart relatively easily. Start by removing the 3 screws on the back and the back cover, then remove the 4 screws holding the battery compartment in. Now the led array PCB should be able to flip over and you should be able see the battery connections and traces.

Step 3: Add the Circuit In

Basically we have to put the circuit between the led's we want to flicker and the power switch. I soldered the circuit onto a tiny PCB keeping its size as small as possible, so it will fit inside the housing of the light. As you can see in the picture, 3 rows of led's follow a trace on one side of the switch while 1 row comes from the other side. So because of that you have to cut the trace on both sides of the switch. I used a precision screw driver to cut the traces and also expose the copper where it needs to be soldered. Once you have made the connections use some electrical tape to isolate and secure the custom PCB you just added to this light, then its just a matter of reassembling the light.



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    9 Discussions

    the light has a three function switch, 1st click on main light with 18 leds , 2nd click the mains light go out and the secondary 3 ledsw come on , 3rd click off.

    after this mod does it flicker in main then secondaries or main and secondaries at the same time?

    1 reply

    I wired it to just flicker with the main LEDs the other three leds work just normal they were left alone on the circuit board, in case you just want the regular light effect

    whoops ! i went back and counted the leds on the main on thus page and i see it has 24 on the main circuit. i've got one that is 10+ years old that has the 18 in the main circuit.

    Great instructible. Very easy to understand. Thanks for sharing. ..

    This is a horribly simple and very clever electronics project. Well done!

    1 reply