Flickr Style CD Photo Multi-frame

Introduction: Flickr Style CD Photo Multi-frame

I wanted a cheap way of displaying lots of my photos without just sticking them to the wall. I had a whole load of empty CD cases which would be perfect for displaying photos. With the addition of a piece of string and a couple of keyrings I had made a stylish photo frame for absolutely nothing in no time at all.

Step 1: Collecting the Parts

You will need the following:

CD cases - 7 is a nice number (only the front is required)
A small mass - e.g. keyring

A pair of scissors
(Tape measure)

Step 2: Disassemble CD Cases

Separate the front of the CD cases from the back and keep the front. Simple.

Step 3: Threading Together

Lie the cases face down vertically in a line with the desired spacing between (although this can be adjusted slightly later).

Measure out and cut a piece of string to about 3 times the total length of the cases; you can always cut it shorter.

Find the midpoint of the string and, starting from the bottom, thread the string through the holes in the side of the case ensuring that the string is diagonal within the case and straight between the cases. (If the string crosses over between the cases they will all flip around when you pick it up).

Step 4: Finishing Off

Attach a small mass of about 50 -100g (irrespective of the number of frames) to the bottom of the string. This increases the tension preventing the bottom few cases slipping down.

Once you have threaded the string through all of the CD cases tie the two loose ends together so that the string makes an angle similar to the crossover within the frames.

Finally tie a loop in the end of the string to hang the photo frames at the right height.

Step 5: Framing and Hanging

It's probably a good idea to put the photos in before you hang it up (although I forgot) otherwise the cases are likely to slip down. Photos 12cm x 12cm fit perfectly. This isn't a standard size so you will either have to cut up existing photos or print them to the right size.

Carefully lift the string from the top whilst keep the bottom taught so the frames don't slip down.

Then just hang on the wall and enjoy.

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