Flight Simulator Tutorial

Introduction: Flight Simulator Tutorial

This FSX tutorial should teach you how to use FSX and the PMDG 777 properly.

Step 1: Preparing the Plane for Takeoff:

- Turn on the battery

- Turn on the fuel pumps

- Turn on the Hydraulics

- Flight Information System:

- Enter your position (Gate; Airport) and you destination

- Enter which runway you will take off from and land on

- Enter your weights (fuel; passengers; cargo) from this you will calculate the speeds for takeoff (V1, V2, Rotate); This also includes the thrust and flaps.

- Enter basic route data: (Altitude; Flight Number; co route); press the button legs to enter you data for your flight legs.

- Turn on the APU

- Turn on position lights

- Already prepare the autopilot with height, heading, and climbing speed.

Step 2: Pushback

- Contact Washington tower

- Turn on the fuel pumps behind the throttle

- Activate the engine start

- turn APU und auto

- Set flaps to 15

- turn on taxi lights on the upper light panel

Step 3: Rolling to the Runway

- Turn the wheels to the left to check if all rudders work, right, left, up, down

- turn off taxi light

- turn on takeoff lights

Step 4: Takeoff

- Turn off Taxi light

- Turn on takeoff lights

- (In Case of stormy weather also turn on the storm lights)

- Push the throttle forwards and takeoff; when in the air push the gear switch up to take in the gear.

Step 5: Rising

- Turn off the takeoff lights and all gear lights.

- Turn on the programmed autopilot

- turn off the wing/ engine lights

Step 6: Approach

- Contact approach; Munich airport tower

- Turn your auto pilot on the height giving by the tower, and initiate the sinking

- turn you heading towards the airport

- about 10-20 miles, when the airport is in sight, you turn off the auto pilot

- Set flaps down 2 stages at a time to slow down the plane

- Gear down when you are 4000 feet above the ground

- Turn on the landing lights at the light panel above the window

- Full flaps when you are at 3000 feet above the ground

Step 7: Landing and Rolling Off the Runway

- Have a speed of about 150 km/h

- As you touch down activate reverse thrust and spoilers (located behind the throttle and to the left of the throttle)

- As you roll from the runway, deactivate the spoilers again and put flaps to 0.

- Turn off the landing lights

- contact ground control for instructions for taxi to gate

Step 8: Shutdown

- As you pulled into the gate, turn off the engines first by pulling back the switches behind the throttle

- Turn off the Fuel pumps at the upper panels and deactivate the hydraulics

- Lastly, turn off the battery, now the plane is completely shut down

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