Flint Sparkle Bomb




so in this instructable i will teach u how to make a flint sparkle bomb.


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Step 1: Materials

1)lighter x2 or candle
2)screwdriver or tweezers

Step 2: Take the Cap Off.

so get one of your lighters and then get your screwdriver and then put it in the hole where there fire comes out. after you have done that all you have to do is push it out till it pops off.

Step 3: Get the Flint

After you have taken the cap off there will be to plastic plates holding the wheel. Get your screwdriver and twist it a little bit until you see the striker wheel pop up a little. the when you do that carefully pull it off and get the flint under it. (Be careful, because when the wheel comes off the flint will fly out so catch the flint).

Step 4: Stretch the Spring

So under the flint there is a long spring. Just stretch it for however long you want it to be.

Step 5: Wrap the Flint

So you get the flint and wrap it around the flint like you would on a charger if you ever did.

Step 6: Heat Up the Flint

So after you wrap up the flint in the spring. Get a candle or a lighter and place the flint in the flame for 25-35 seconds or until the flint turns bright orange.

Step 7: Throw It!

Just throw it up in the air or on to the ground. (If you throw it on the ground it will leave a burn mark).



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    3 years ago

    Cool! I never knew that flint did this!