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                Hello Instructables!  This is a craft that I made with my Grandmother a while back.  They are called flintfolk, and the reason for that is because they are made of flint.  My Grandmother and Grandfather collected the flint by Lake Erie, and then sorted it into buckets that hold stones that have the same general size or shape.  I picked the stones and layed out the little person that I wanted to create.  I also found a stone for him to sit on and a fishing rod for him to hold. The Fishing Rod is made out of some medium thickness steel wire that I used pliers to bend. His hat is meant to look like an old Poorboy hat or a baseball hat.  When I had finished with the design, I used quick set Super Glue to stick him totether.  All you need to do to make your own flintfolk is collect some flint (or any other type of rock) and buy some quick set Super Glue, and let your imagination come up with the rest!

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